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LQ-MD 3350 Digital Cutting Machine

  • UPG-3350

  • UPG

· Fast and high precision on cutting performance with full servo motor system. 

· Fully automatic tension and feeding control.

· Intelligent location system driven by camera which allow the cutter to detect cutting files automatically. 

· Standard 4 cutting heads and the gap between each cutting heads can be adjusted automatically. 

· Max 3 cutting unit 12 cutting heads working together. 

· Intelligent cutting with trajectory optimization.

High precision feeding system

Utilize BST web guiding system to make sure the prefect feeding precision.


Cold laminating system

Cold laminating be integrated on LQ-MD 3350 as a part of finishing solution to make the labels bright and give customer an one pack service on one machine.


Digital die-cutting system

LQ-MD 3350 use high precision screw transmission system. Max speed can touch 9m/min. 4 cutting heads on one cutting unit are be controlled individually, combine with the software, UPG-3350 can adjust the distance between each cutting head and make each of them on or off. 


CCD system

With CCD camera position and identify system, LQ-MD 3350 can recognize the sequence, can realize the function of changing cutting file automatically.


Waste removing system

The high-precision machinery design can control the roller rotating uniformly and avoid the discontinuously removing of wastage and keep the finishing label clean.


Slitting system

Utilize rotary slitting mode which can be extended to max 15 blades and highest cutting speed is 50m/min

 6 roller

Diameter 450mm

Cutting media width


Max.label width


Min.label length


Max.label length


Cutting speed

Max. 9m per minute for one cutting unit (depend on label shape and size)

Cutting blades

Max. 4 pcs/unit, 12pcx/3unit

Slitting blades

Max. 15 pcs

Slitting width


Cutting and   slitting precision


Machine size(W×D×H)


Machine weigh



110-127VAC, 50-60Hz, 1000WATTS

220-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1000WATTS

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