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LQ-TH230/330 Intermittent Letterpress


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  • LQ-TH230/330

  • UPG

1. Paper feeding :Max feed width 230mm/330mm

2. Helical gear drive:bottom roll and plate roll driven by helical gear, avoid roller mark and ghosting.
3. Rubber roll:large diameter(one φ45one φ50),keep the stability of ink supplying on large area and printing effect.
4.Linear guideHigh precisionflexible adjustment, excellent wearability,long operation life.
5. control system:Besides central controlled by touch screen,every unit has 2 register switches and one ink-washing switch,easy operation,fast adjustment of register,convenient ink-washing and ink-supply.
6. UV system: combine LED-UV and normal UV ,3 LED-UV plus one normal UV reduce power comsuption and keep the effect of overall drying.Besides ,UV system is controlled by PLC touch screen,small and Compact size .
7. Laminating : Compound tape film device, linked with main of bubbles,good effect.
8.Mounting operation is simple.  
9.plate install device:easy mounting, high efficiency .
10.Secondary printing :using Italian “Datasensor TL46-WL-815” electric eye,wide range color patch,no size requirement,quick reaction,high precision on secondary printing.

Model LQTH230 LQTH330
Maximum feed width 230mm 330mm
Maximum printing width 220mm 310mm
Intermittent printing length 50-180mm 330mm
Printing speed 50-200shots/min 250shots/min
Maximum paper roll diameter 600mm 700mm
Monitor rate 8.3kw 15kw
UV Power 6.3kw colors*4.8kw
Power supply 3phase 380V/AC 50Hz
Dimension 3420*900*1350mm 7000*1200*1700mm
Machine weight 2800kg 7000kg

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