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LQ-YC10 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

Tea, herbal medicine, coffee and other bag drinks.

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  • LQ-YC10

  • UPG

Tea, herbal medicine, coffee and other bag drinks.

Main Features
1.Bag-making system adopts stepping motor subdividing technology,so the precision of bag making is high and the deviation is less than 1mm.
2.It adopts temperature controller, the sealing quality is higher.
3.The microcomputer bag length controller can adjust the length of bag without changing component and it can display the packing speed and length of bag.
4.This machine adopts pneumatic bag clamping,putting,sealing device,cutting device so that the performance will be more reliable.
5.The PLC / touch screen programming control makes the performance more stable, operation more convenient and humanized.

Model LQ-YC10
Capacity 30-45bag/min
Packing Volume 1-5g
Size of Inner Bag 55-80×47-70 mm
Size of Outer Bag 75-100×60-90 mm
Packing Type Three Sides Sealing
Size of Tag 20×20mm
Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ 1.8KW
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 1100x1000x1900mm
Weight 650kg

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