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LQ-LD188 Paper machine

This machine has automatic grasping paper function

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  • LQ-LD188

  • UPG

The paper feeding roller can quickly separate the paper in the paper pile to the worktable according to the set height, and the pneumatic paper pick-up process detects the paper position and height safely and accurately by the infrared distance measuring sensor, so that the entire paper feeding process is accurate and efficient, Strength, improve labor efficiency, improve work accuracy.
Machine table with air cushion device, the rise and fall process by the worm gear reducer drive ball screw, linear guide, to ensure accurate and smooth movement of the table. Move around the table by the worm reducer driven rack and pinion drive, linear guide slider positioning table move easily. This machine has the advantages of automatic, accurate, efficient feeding and unloading. Japan, Taiwan Pneumatic components, France, Germany, Japan, Korea Electrical components, electrical configuration for the programmable controller, Japan PLC for all electrical and mechanical monitoring, using NSK low maintenance bearings.
Maximum paper delivery specificationcm135*188
Maximum height of papercm140
Maximum capacitykilogram500
Energy consumptionampere11A
Machine powerkilowatt4
Air requirement pressure-bar6-8
Gas consumptionL / min4
Outer packing sizecm420*260*215
Fitted paper cutter specificationscm176/186/220

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