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LQ137F1 Program Control Paper Cutter


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  • LQ137F1

  • UPG

  • 8441100000

CIP4 is the computerization and automation of the printing industry. The codename is to develop a common file exchange and data sharing format.

It adopts Japanese AC digital servo control system, 22-inch color touch screen and dual hydraulic system. The data resolution is 0.01mm, and there are self-diagnosis function and operation mode display, 1000 program groups, more than 100000 different positions of cutting, dynamic display cutting and running status, dynamic tracking, the highest paper pushing speed 8 ~ 25 M/min, a more powerful computer operating system that can memorize, store, and store up to 300,000 hours of memory and self-maintenance of the operating system. Italy hydraulic components, France, Germany, Japan, Korea electrical components, Taiwan ball screw, linear guide, and equipped with cutting overload protection switch, paper press safety lock, electrical configuration for programmable controller PLC for all electrical appliances, machinery Implementation of monitoring, the use of imported low maintenance bearings, automatic lubrication, automatic.

Model / Specifications 137F1
Cutting width(cm) 137
Max.cutting height without assistance pressing plate(cm) 16.5
Max.cutting depth(cm) 145
Min cutting depth without assistance pressing plate(cm) 3
Extended length of working table(cm) 74
Height of working table(cm) 89-81
Machine width including side working table(cm) 287
Total length of working table(cm) 259
Cutting speed(r/min) 48
Max. Paper  pressure(n) 45000
Power of main  motor(kw) 4
Motor for paper  feeding(kw) 1.00
Air pump(kw) 0.75*2
Machine weight(kg) 4500
Overall dimension(L x w x h)(cm) 280x160x215


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