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LQRG Jogger

LQRG-Jogger has some functions for running paper, cleaning up paper and driving air

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LQRG-Jogger has some functions for running paper, cleaning up paper and driving air. It can clean up quickly all type materials paper and other materials which similar with paper surface, to heighten working efficiency and to short working time. The working table makes up of air cushion device, vibration electromotor, press paper rod, driving air idler wheel, ejecting air pump. The programmable controller to finish whole process of running paper, easily operate. So the jogger has such as excellences: advanced the technology of cleaning up the paper, Left and right baffle-plate auto, exhaust automatically high efficiency, and high stability. 
Model RG-2 RG-4 RG-6 RG-8
Max.Paper size (cm/in) 87×72/34.3"×28.3 115×90/45.7"×35.4" 145×105/57.1"×41.3" 162×121/63.8"×47.6"
Max.Pile height (cm/in) 16.5/6.5" 16.5/6.5 16.5/6.5 16.5/6.5
Table height(adjustable) (cm/in) 84-97/33.1"-38.2" 84-97/33.1"-38.2" 84-97/33.1"-38.2" 84-97/33.1"-38.2"
Power (kw) 1.5 1.9 2.5 4
Net weight (kg) 500 700 1200 1800
Main motor (kw) 0.7 0.75 1.2 3
Paper cutter adapter specification 92/130/115 130/115/137 155/166/176 166/176/186
Overall dimension (cm/in) 130x120x185  51"x47.2"x72.8" 170x155x189 67"x61"x75" 210x185x210 82.7"x72.8"x82.7" 230x210x210   90.6"x82.7"x82.7"

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