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LQ-MD Waste Paper Discharge System

  • LQ-MD Waste Paper Discharge System

  • UPG

·This waste paper discharge system is designed for carton industry. Inside this system, the trim waste generated from slitting machine in corrugation both sides of the line is collected and shredded by shredder fan and delivered to separator through pipeline, then dropping into the baler machine.


· Else the trim waste from printing fluting machine and die-cutting machine is collected by trench conveyor and delivered to separator by shredder fan through pipeline. finally drops into the chamber of baler.


· Scrap cardboard, stripping paper and paper core can be shredded by our integrated cardboard and paper core shredder. a shredder fan is installed after shredder to deliver the scrap through pipeline to separator then dropping into baler chamber.


· The air with dust exhausted from endpoint of plate separator can be handled by pulsed bag-type dust collector with high efficiency more than 97%, upper exhausted cyclone separator with water spray device can be chosen to handlle the dust simply.


· Weighting system can be installed as an option at the end of baler, which can be connected to ERP system to manage the production cost and waste paper capacity on line.

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