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LQ-WJ150-1800 Single Facer Corrugated Line

Automatic adjust glue quantity according speed,electric adjustment optional.

Cardboard transmitting method adopts wind absorption, and keep flute profiles stable under the running condition of high speed.

The wind machine absorbs corrugated paper to corrugated rollers through vacuum box and form corrugated profile.

The width of wind groove of lower roller is not exceeding 2.5mm,and will less fringe marks of single corrugated paperboard.


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  • LQ-WJ150-1800-2

  • UPG

  • Transmission part adopt gimbal transmission, away from vibration source, and make the transmission more steady and reliable, and easy to maintain.

  • The speed reducing box is oil-lubricating, close gear transmission, and will reduce machine vibration.

  • Glue unit adopts auto-supply glue circularly, pneumatically reset and has buffering effect.

  • Glue area will be electrically adjusted, glue unit can be running independently when machine steppes, and prevent glue running out.

  • Upper corrugated roller surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chrome plated.

  • Glue unit independent drive, pump-draw style, easy maintain and clean.

  • Corrugated forming unit is designed with small independent wall plate. The roller is easy to disassembly, maintain, and quickly change flute profiles.

  • Upper-lower corrugated roller are made of high quality 48CrMo alloy steel, and after heat-treatment, the rigidity is HRC 56-60, the surface are grinded and plated chrome .

Design   Speed


Economic   Speed


Working   Width


Production   Line Length

About 28   meters 

(Exact   length basis on groundwork drawing)

Flute   Profiles

A、C、B、E、Flute(Or   according to the customers’ requirement)

Steam   Requirement

1T steam   boiler, pressure 1.25mpa

Power   Supply

380V  50Hz

Three   phase four wire system

Equipment   Flowing Direction

According   to the user’ factory to fix right or left.

The   real paper in production speed test should meet the following requirement

  • Reel   paper minimum degree: B degree

  • Percentage   of moisture for real paper 11% ±1%

  • Tissue   paper 150~200g/m2

  • Liner   paper 150~200g/m2

  • Flute   paper 105~180g/m2

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