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LQ-XG Semi/Fully-Automatic Capping Machine

Spindle capping machine is designed to handle most bottle cap types, diameters of which range from 10mm to 100mm, and can handle up to 200 bottles per minute. The new innovative design makes it easy to use and maintenance free.

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  • LQ-XG


This machine includes automatically cap sorting, cap feeding, and capping function. The bottles are entering in line, and then continuous capping, high efficiency. It's widely used in industries of cosmetic, food, beverage, medicine, biotechnology, health care, personal care chemical and etc. it's suitable for all kinds of bottles with screw caps.

On the other hand, it can connect with auto filling machine by conveyor. and also can connect with electromagetic sealing machine according to the customers' requirements.

Operation process:

Put the bottle on the conveyor by manual (or automatic feeding of the product by other device) - bottle delivery - put the cap on the bottle by manual or by caps feeding device - capping (automatic realized by the equipment)



1.The automatic capping machine is controlled by PLC, and the Chinese and English interface touch screen makes the operation display clear and easy to understand.

2. Ensure that the equipment is stable, reliable, torque consistent and easy to adjust even under long-term fatigue working condition.

3. The bottle clamping belt can be adjusted separately to make it suitable for the rubbing cover of bottles with different heights and shapes.

4. The whole machine is easy to adjust for different product size and different cap size.

5. The machine is light and convenient.

6. Easy operation and adjustment, low cost for maintain.

Machine name

LQ-XG Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

Power supply

220V, 50Hz, 850W, 1Ph


20 - 40 pcs/min (depend on the bottle size)

Bottle diameter

25 - 120 mm

Bottle height

100 - 300 mm

Cap diameter

25 - 100 mm

Machine size

L*W*H: 1200mm * 800mm * 1200mm

Machine weight

150 KG

*Air compressor is provided by customer.

*If the bottle and cap size are out of these range, please inform us. We can make the customized machine.

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