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LQML-750 Type Flat Press Creasing Die Cutting Machine


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  • LQML-750

  • UPG

1.    High strength due to whole body casting with high quality material.
2.    Smooth running, high pressure and low noise with 2-step to 4-step helical gear mechanism.
3.    Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
4.    Operational altitude is reasonably arranged, moving-bed opens to its maximum.
5.    Electrical system is designed in conformity with IEC standard.
6.    Single, continuous operation and opening delay are available, delay range adjustable.
7.    Reliable safety system,

Model LQML750
Inside Chase Size 750x520mm
Max. Die Cutting Size 750x520mm
Speed 28±2
Gross Weight Of Machine 2000kg
Max. Rule Length <15m
Overall Machine Dimensions 1650x1540x1650mm
Motor Power 2.2kw
Allotment Of Chase Active

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