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LQMS Series Digitalized Automatic Die-cutting and Creasing Machine


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  • LQMS-1300/1450

  • UPG

1. High technology enables sheets to be fed intelligently and automatically, so that the curved and deformed sheets, irregularly or bad laminated sheets can be transferred smoothly, which prevent the film-laminated sheets or varnished sheets from being scratched during feeding and keeps the strength of the the corrugated board as well. Sheets will not get thin. This machine is a patented product with the patent number  ZL2014 2 0149319.6
2.High-strength gripper bar and advanced gripper opening mechanism is suitable for all kinds of corrugated board. Front, back and side registration mechanism ensures accurate die-cutting precision.
3. The main transmission uses worm gear pair and special designed crank shaft connection rod mechanism. The bearing bush connection reduces moving clearance, avoids impact between worm and worm gear, ensures smooth running, large die-cutting pressure and high point pressure keeping. Worm gear is made of aluminum bronze with long service life.
4. This machine adopts advanced ternary cam indexing mechanism, pressure adjusting device, pneumatic chase-locking, pneumatic sampling and overload protecting device as well as imported high-precise transmission chain.
5. Pneumatic chase locking mechanism makes it easy for plate changing and making ready.
6. Pneumatic clutch with stable engaging and disengaging and small braking angle enables large torque to be transferred
7. PLC and touch screen indicates working speed and the number of processing sheets, the total processing time and monitors dynamically all possible troubles that might appear in the processing, to facilitate the trouble shooting, and carry out the total automation from feeding, to die cutting, to delivering. It cooperates with safety devices to ensure easy operation.
8. The die-cutting pressure can be adjusted individually in front and back part and the manual handling is easy and labor saving.
9. Automatic delivery and stacking device makes the delivery easy.
10. The suspension function of the steel plate enables it easy to be pushed in and drawn out.

Machine Model LQMS-1300 LQMS-1450
Max. paper size 1300×950mm 1450×1110mm
Min. paper size 500×420mm 500×420mm
Max. die-cutting size 1280×930mm 1430×1100mm
Inner size of the chase 1320×946mm 1512×1124mm
Appropriate paper <8 mm(Corrugated paper) <8 mm(Corrugated paper)
Gripper Margin 9-17mmstandard:13mm 9-17mm standard:13mm
Max. working pressure 300ton 350ton
Max. working speed 4600 Sheets/hour 4500 Sheets/hour
Max. feeding pile 1600mm 1635mm
Max. delivery pile 1300mm 1400mm
Power of main motor 11KW 11KW
Total power 17.5KW 17.5KW
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 6000×4500×2300mm 6600×4800×2430mm
Machine weight 18ton 20ton
Air source required 0.55-0.7Mpa, >0.6 m3/min 0.55-0.7Mpa, >0.6 m3/min

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