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LQTYMC-750 Type PLC Control Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine


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  • LQTYMC-750

  • UPG

1. LQTYMC series of hot foil stamping machines have the function of hot stamping, die cutting and concave-convex forming.
2. The display system with LCD/touch screen greatly improves the productivity.
3. This machine adopts PLC microcomputer control, 2 group to 3 group’s stepper motor drive for reliable operation and convenient adjustment
4. The temperature control is divided by 4 to 5 zones. Fast and even heating, low power consumption, constant temperature control, real-time temperature display function which improves the hot stamping quality.<o:p>

Model LQTYMC-750
Max-Plate Efficient Breadth 750×520mm
Max. Stamping Size 750×520mm
Groups Of Feeding Foil 2
Max. Length Of Feeding 520mm
Leapfrogging Scope 0-99
Power Of Heating Plate 8kw
Total Power 10.2kw
Main Motor Power 2.2kw 6pole
Speed 28±2(sheets/min)
Gross Weight 2300kg
Individual Zones Of Heating Plate 4
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 1540×1660×1970mm

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