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LQ-2P104-AL Soft Press hard offset printing machine

Soft Press hard offset printing machine

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  • LQ-2P104-AL

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1. High speed and efficient (technology and guarantee)  

High speed of 13000 sheets / h and broad width.

Time of stopping machine for adjustment reduced: The adoption of the quick plate loading and positioning mechanism, the electric controlled precise plate tightening device, the patented rubber sheet bidirectional tensioning device, makes plate-loading and changing more quickly and handy.

Uninterrupted sheet feeding and stacking: The machine is able to realize continuous running, unnecessary to stop machine.

2. Fine presswork

Uses the soft press hard structure form, the network good reducibility, print quality is excellent.

The width of presswork can reach up to 175 lines / inch.

Precise overprint: The adoption of simultaneous press on both sides direction, no need to stop the machine. Using the latest patented technology.

Limited paper distortion impact: Rubber sheet blowing device is available so as to reduce the affect of damp liquid residue on paper distortion. Adjustable and separated type plate clamps can be used to adjust fractional error of former resulted from paper distortion.

3. Advanced structuring

Easy to operate: The machine is equipped with screen touching and centralized controlled human-machine interface. Operators will operate easily and flexibly.

Easy to control ink color: Steeples inking by independent servomotor (optional configuration).

4. Easy to use and multi-functional:

Capacity for thin paper: The machine is able to get higher speed in tissue pressing.  

Paper adaptability: Equipped with independent gripping adjustable grippers, the machine can be adjusted depending upon the paper of users. Additionally, the machine is fitted with external adjustable device.

5. Safe and reliable

Strong durability: The complete machine is stable and durable. Feeding rollers, former rollers are coated with stainless steel, anti-corrosive.

System safety control: The machine runs with partially enclosed, operating part on the machine is equipped with protective hood of mechanically linked security control mechanism and bumper linked security mechanism to protect the safety of operators.


Max. speed (S/H)     


Max. sheet size (mm)


Min. sheet size (mm)


Max. printing area   (mm)


Thickness(weight)   of paper (mm)


Feeder pile height   (mm)


Delivery pile   height (mm)


Overall power (kw)


Overall dimensions       (mm)


Machine weight       (kg)


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