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LQ-JD4740 Offset printing machine

With non-stop feeder, piles are changed at production speed. It saves a great deal of time when running thick paper and long version work off line.

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  • LQ-JD4740

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    According to the development of the printing market, a new generation of multi-color offset printing machine built by a number of national patent technologies is adopted, which adopts automatic pneumatic clamping system, automatic three-axis adjustment system controlled by DC permanent magnet, and precise automatic pressure regulating system. With the bus electronic control system of Mitsubishi CC-LINK communication method, it perfectly displays the characteristics of smart, intelligent and high efficiency of the heavy-duty printing machine. The stainless steel spray embossing and plate cylinder greatly extend the life of the machine. CIP4 can be used to form a digital workflow with prepress CTP and postpress, and to preset the ink color, which greatly reduces the printing factories ' experience for printing technicians. Under certain conditions, the operating conditions and various parameter changes of the printing press can be monitored and controlled by INTERNET, and the popular UV printing, glazing and other printing processes as well as the automatic blanket washing and the ink roller can be conveniently installed. Increased scalability of product features.


    Conjugated cam. Forwarding mechanism controlled by linear guide rail makes machine speed faster and more stable.
    Rotary valve with patent can clean paper dust automatically and reduce the fault.

    Printing Units:
    Both of frame and base are integral casting.
    High frequency quenching of gears guarantee transmission accuracy.
    Helical gears, high overlap coefficient and low noise.

    Accurate grippers:
    After checkered high strength steel pads had been quenched, their life will be longer and replacement will be more conveniently.
    Wear-resistant soft pads ensure stability of paper handover and precision of paper transmission.
    High precision needle roller bearings and opening bearings improve stability of gripper system.

    Automatic device for adjusting paper thickness:
    It is equipped with gear driven. Distance between cylinders can be given some feedbacks to screen by potentiometer automatically.
    Permanent magnetic generator driven can ensure stability of printing pressure, because of large torsion and strong self-lock.
    It is easier and more convenient to input paper thickness on the screen directly.

    Vacuum suction feeder table:
    Imported air pump with large volume
    It is suitable for all paper in any types or size automatically, so as to change paper format more quickly and more easily.
    Ultrasonic double-sheet detector can protect cylinders better.

    The surface on the impression cylinders and plate cylinders are sprayed stainless steel so as to prolong press life better.
    Dynamic balance design can reduce vibration during printing.

    The press memory or job memory card (disk) can save the current job. Changes and settings made to the current job are transferred to the press. While in printing mode, you can enter the presetting values for next job into the press memory or stored to a disk.

    Ink amount control console:
    Every ink key in every unit can be set by console.
    Ink amount can be displayed in digital and can be saved.

    Pneumatic clamp bar, Change plate without tools:
    Tension of clamp bar is controlled by imported hoses and disc springs, so that it is more flexible for operation.
    Corners of cylinders are controlled by high precision encoder. Plates will be installed and dismounted by program automatically. Thus it can meet the long version and short version edition of the printing business needs.
    The tail of clamp bar is separated, so that it can help paper more smooth.

Model LQJD-4740
Machine Speed 12000s.p.h
Sheet Size
540 x 740mm
Sheet Size
273 x 393mm
Sheet Thickness 0.06-0.6mm
image area
528 x 730mm
Plate Size 677 x 755 x 0.3mm
Blanket Size 740 x 760mm
Max. Feeder Pile height 940mm
Max. Delivery Pile height 780mm
Overall Dimensions 7380 x 2880 x 1870mm
Total Power 23kw
Weight 19700kg
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