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LQ-35H Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

the world's first single-span paper bag (KING SERIES) paper bag machine, developed in Japan in 1960 by Mr. Fujii

  • LQ-35H
  • UPG


handle making unit

1. Handle Making Unit

  • This machine puts a string between two pieces of patch and fixes it together with hot melt glue to make a hand grip.

  • The handle material can be twisted paper string, twisted p.p. string, acrylic round string ribbon string, also semi-round string etc……The handle making machine is installed parallel to the main machine. It’s possible to install it on either side of the main machine, according to the space.

handle pasting unit

2. Handle (Cardboard) Pasting Unit

  • Handles or cut cardboard are pasted to the mouth of the main sheet paper to be folded.

  • This is a sheet paper notch cutting, a mouth pasting, a handle or cardboard applying, folding and pressing unit.

punching unit

3. Punching Unit

  • This unit punches two holes for string or four holes for happy tags. In the case of two, there are 3 kinds of punches. (4, 6, and 8mm).

  • According to the machine type, it’s possible to set the interval between holes from 80 to 200mm.

  • It’s now possible to set up a banana type hole cutter option.





                   Finished paper bags Description

   Finished bags width + bottom open width ≥600mm

   Finished bags width + bottom open width ≤1050mm

bottom width

 Bag width

Fold back  width
Usually 4-6mm

Bag tube side sticking area

usually 2cm fixed


Bag height + Fold back width + bottom sticking area ≥340mm

   Bag height

Bag height + Fold back width + bottom sticking area ≤530mm

Bottom sticking

area width is 

62.5% of bottom 


Bag Width  
Bag Size(mm)
Bottom Width 70-160
Tube Length 280-540
Sheet Width Sheet Size(mm) 530-1050
Sheet Length 340-600
Handle Paper Cut Length Handle Paper Size(mm) 152.4/188.4/228.6
Handle Paper Width 90-100
String Pitch String Size 76.2/94.2/114.3
String Height(mm) 170-185
Mouth Folding(mm) 40-60
Power Consumption(KW) 27
Machine Size(mm) 2050W
Handle Making Machine
Max.Speed(Bags/min) 70
Handle Size:
String Dia                4-8mm
Handle Paper Reel Dia     Max 1000mm
Handle Paper Weight      about 120g/


Bag making machine with handles

Bag making machine-with punch holes

Roll feed paper bag making machine

Sheet feed paper bag making machine

Fully automatic paper bag making machine

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