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LQ-MD 440 Inkjet Rotary Digital Printing Machine

-Intelligent digital process
-High quality
-Stable production capacity
-Low cost of use
-Low carbon and environmental protection

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  • LQ-MD 440

  • UPG


LQ-MD440/660 mono color double side commercial printer, specially for the business of books and periodicals, short board printing, high stability of the equipment operation, user-friendly design, simple and smooth equipment, only 1-2 people can complete the printing product collection, high production efficiency, labor saving and environmental protection. According to the requirements of the long and short printing to achieve perfect coordination, to solve the order requirements under different scenarios.

Features & Advantages

Software and hardware system with independent research and development
We adopt design philosophy of systems engineering, the automatic degree of machine is higher, the connectivity of whole machine is better, and it reduces the difficulties of operation greatly. The operated process is stable and efficient.

Inkjet system with own intellectual property rights
The inkjet system has complete data processing progress, with the industrial on-demand piezoelectric printheads, the maintenance is convenient,unique break prevention technology can do folio seamless printing. The printheads moisturize and clean automatically, it can print immediately after startup, and keep the whole progress no broken thread for ink supply.

Independent product ink
With independent research and development of the production of ink, rich layers, clear images, overly soft, with good printing adaptability, more with low power drying drying performance and paper adaptability.

Integrated cutting stack system
All equipment products are unified production, the overall connectivity is stronger, maximize the automation function of post-press equipment, automatic buffering, cutting, stacking, to achieve non-stop stacking, support dislocation stacking function, more labor saving, help the development of enterprises.

Printed from single sheet, each printed sheet is different.
It can print immediately after startup with no maintenance progress. Output control software supports interrupting the printing process to insert orders at any time, which is convenient for arranging printing of small quantities of work pieces, without stopping, without wasting overprinted paper, improving production efficiency and saving production costs.

Environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption.
The maximum power of the inkjet system is 11.5kw, the maximum power of the cutting line is 22kw, the maximum power of the whole system is 33.5kw, the actual production is about 12kw. The whole system is Environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption, which is under continuous development.

Independent technology, high extensibility.
The equipment supports upgraded two-color inkjet printing solution with flexible matching, supports third-party cutting solution, and more cutting solutions are under development.

ModelLQ-MD 440
PrintheadIndustrial grade eucalyptus needs piezoelectric printhead
Highest resolution 600x1200dpi
Ink typeDye ink & pigment ink
Printing methodBlack and white double sided
(can be upgraded to dual color)
Printing speed1010 A4 pages/min
Maximum paper width440mm
Paper range40-200g
Paper typeOffset paper, digital offset paper, inkjet coated paper
SoftwareWorkflow inkjet edition, support a variety of
international standard file formats
Paper feeding
Paper feeding and
winding mechanism
Automatic roll feeding
Maximum winding diameter1280mm
Maximum winding width440mm
Cutting line
Max speed120m/min
Paper gram40gsm-200gsm
Paper width140mm-440mm
Max paper receiving width440mm
Max paper receiving length450mm (paper receiving length
can be customized, such as: 880mm)
Support various sizes
and specifications of cutting
For example, 16 in a longitudinal arrangement
and two in a stack
Cutting book block stacking sub-systemlncluding buffer, cutter, stack, conveyor,etc.

LQ-MD 440 Application

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