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LQ-MD 420 Paper Cup Envelope Printer

-Intelligent digital process
-High quality
-Stable production capacity
-Low cost of use
-Low carbon and environmental protection

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  • LQ-MD 420

  • UPG


This machine no need for plate making, one-click printing, quick plate change, and instant pickup, saving labor and plate making and other process costs. Truly enable one-piece printing, short orders, urgent orders, and small batches, no more worries; Low cost: ink printing, one-way straight out; low maintenance cost in the later stage, small number of head. Super suction feeding, thin paper and warped paper are flattened from the source.

InkWater-based dye/pigment inks
Cartridge capacity1000ml x 4 colors
Printhead model214(HP A4)
Number of printheads2
Print speed18m/min(1200 x 600DP1)
9m/min(1200 x1200DP1)
Print width420mm
Applicable media size (WxL)8080(min)-500 x 500(max)
Applicable media thickness0.2-45mm (Manual feeding)
Applicable media thickness0.05-5mm (Automatic feeding)
Working environmentTemperature 15-35ºC:RelativeHumidity 50%-70%
Dimensions2631 x1212 x1566mm

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