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LQ-MD 620 Two Sides Sheet-Fed Inkjet Printer


PDF Export

  • LQ-MD 620

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 620

· Avoiding Paper Waste: Realizing one piece printing with zero waste

· Strong Ink Applicability: Independently developed mono water-based ink suitable for ordinary wood free paper, saving power cost without heating unit

·  Color Stability: Automatic color calibration and dynamic ink compensation

· Mark Inserting: Automatically mark insert printing against each document pages

· Streaming Data Printing: Independently developed RIP, Matchmaking software, variable data processing achieving 1200pages/min printing speed. Synchronizing data processing and document printing, multiple documents lined and in streaming printing, suitable for speeding printing and variable data market

·  Zero Deviation Alignment, Full Color Printing: Zero stacking paper in-fed , zero deviation alignment, achieving 4colors accurate overprint, comparable with traditional offset printing, 9000pcs/hr stable print for A3 paper.

Machine Name

LQ-MD 620

Print Size

A2: 598×453mm

Print Color

Black Single, Dual Colors, Full Colors,

Mixed Colors (A2 Black Single, A3 Full Colors)


Ink-Saving (600×600), Normal (600×900), Black More (600×1200);

On-Demand (1200×1200)



Machine Size


Control Unit

Full Servo

Suitable Paper

Wood-free Paper, News Paper, Inkjet Coated Paper, Carbon Free Paper

Suitable Paper Gram



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