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LQ-MD 10000 Full Page Two Side Rooling Fed Inkjet Printer

  • LQ-MD 10000

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 10000

· Two rolls of paper can be installed automatically receiving system, complete non-stop adding paper.

· Online coating of ordinary printing paper to ensure the performance of the ink. Solve the water-based ink printing effect of coated paper and other materials.

· 600/1200 dpi high resolution nozzle, monochrome, two-color, four-color printing combination

· With automatic wire folding machine, can directly deal with 880/780 and other different specifications of paper; You can also choose the automatic cutting system, according to the need to set the cost sheet, support 16K, 32K cutting paper.

Machine NameLQ-MD 10000(RS)
Printing Size787×1092, 710×1000, 650×600, 560×600, 460×600
Print ColorBlack Single, Dual Colors, Full Colors
Machine Size10×3×1.8m
Control UnitServo+Mechanic
Suitable PaperWoodfree Paper/ News Paper/ Inkjet Coated Paper
Suitable Paper   Gram50-300g
Folding Size1st Two Folding Units Innovation in China
787×1092+710×1000; 787×1092+880×1092

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