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LQ-MD 440C/660C Full Color Double Side Commercial Printer


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  • LQ-MD 440C/660C

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  • LQ-MD 440C/660C

    LQ-MD 440C/660C full color double side commercial printer , equipped with 600x1200 DPI industrial on-demand piezoelectric nozzle, printing quality comparable to offset printing effect, two-sided eight-color printing, can achieve the production of 1010 A4 single face/1516 A4 face per minute, monthly production can reach 3650 A4 face/5500A4 face about, to meet the needs of users of a variety of color printing, is favored by users of graphic fast printing, commercial printing and other production tools. Through independent research and development of the production of water-based pigment ink, support a wide range of printing media, can support all kinds of paper types such as double adhesive paper, lightweight paper, daolin paper, coated paper, coated paper, coated paper, newsprint, xuan paper, carbon-free carbon paper, etc., to provide users with more printing feasibility solutions.

ModelLQ-MD 440CLQ-MD 660C
Ink typeWater-based pigment ink
Printing wayFull color double-sided
Production speedA4: 1010/minA4: 1516/min
Production capacityA4: 36.5million/monthA4: 55million/month
Print accuracy600×1200dpi
Maximum paper width445mm 650mm
Maximum printing width432mm648mm
Paper weight40-200g
Size and specification cutting16 Slit lengthwise and cut two stacks

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