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LQ6040T10A Small-sized Vertical Hydraulic Balers

A type, suitable for pressing the materials with moisture generated, such as milk, soft drinks, etc.
  • LQ6040T10A

  • UPG

A type suitable for pressing the materials with moisture generated such as milk soft drinks etc.

* Classic model, patented products, applicable to small material compression and package.
* Electrical button operation, safety interlock device, and take out bale automatically.
* Unique door in door design, overhead door.
* Stainless steel, connect to liquid trough, suitable for milk, chemical or drinking industry.
* Adopt England brand sealing parts, improve the life time of oil cylinder.
* Oil pipe joint adopts conical without gasket form, no oil leakage phenomenon.
* Adopt Taiwan brand superposition type valve group.
* Adopt connect motor with pump directly, to ensure 100% concentricity, and extend use life of pump.

Model  LQ6040T10A
Hydraulic power 10ton
bale sizeL*W*H600*400*(350-600)mm
Feed opening sizeL*H540*450mm
Capability 6-8bales/hour
Bale weight  50-80Kg
Voltagecan be customized200-680V/3 phase
Power 2.2KW/3HP
Machine sizeL*W*H950*780*2150mm
Weight 600Kg
* the above parameters can be customized to customer's requirement.
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