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LQ-MD R200 RFID Coil Label Printing & Reading & Writing Detection Machine

  • LQ-MD R200

  • UPG

· The equipment integrates UV printing and RFID Reading & writing detection functions, it cam shorten production process and improve production efficiency and save labor cost.

· Printing station functions include dust removal, detection of multiple cards, UV printing, pre-curing and main curing.

· Reading and writing station has functions of TID detection, writing EPC detection and wasted cards collection.

· It can read and write multi station RFID in parallel, improves the reading and writing effectively.

· Multi-station collaborative control system ensures the reliability of RFID reading and writing in parallel.

Printing Speed

10-30 m/min

Reading & Writing Speed

500-900 pcs/min

Printing Resolution

Printhead direction: 600dpi

motional direction: 300-1200dpi adjustable

Printing Width

54mm extensible

Card Width


Printing Color

Monochrome, Customized color, Miltiple color

Suitable Printing Material

Copper paper plate, semi-copper plate, part of wool fabric and gloss, PVC, PP, PE, etc.


Support variable one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code, batch images and PDF documents.

Optional Functions

Visual detection, still picture, wasted cards collection, electrostatic removal, Corona machine.

Machine Power

AC220-240V, 50Hz, 2.5kw

Machine Size


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