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LQ-MD S200 RFID Single Card Ink-jet Printing & Reading & Writing Detection Machine

  • LQ-MD S200

  • UPG

  • The equipment integrates UV spray printing and RFID read-write verification, which shortens the production process, improves the production efficiency and saves labor.

  • The spray printing station has the functions of dust removal, re tension detection, UV spray printing, pre curing and main curing.

  • RFID reading and writing station has the functions of visual inspection, TID reading verification, EPC writing, EPC twice reading verification, waste removal, counting and receiving by warehouse, and automatic order supplement according to waste removal.

  • The equipment can be equipped with special-shaped material issuing mechanism.

  • Full servo high-speed feeding platform, stable feeding and high precision.

Running speed

60-100 m/min

Reading and writing speed

360 pcs/min

Jet printing resolution

The nozzle direction is 600ddpi, and the movement direction is adjustable from 300 to 1200dpi

Printing width

54mm (expandable)

Label size

thickness: 0.3-3mm
width: 25-200mm

Spray printing color

Monochrome, spot color, color

Spray printing software

Support variable one-dimensional code, two dimensional code, batch pictures and batch PDF documents

Spray printing material

Coated paper, semi coated paper, some wool fabrics and polishing materials, etc

Optional function

Special shaped card issuer, corona

Whole machine power supply

AC220-240V, 50Hz, 4kw

Overall size


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