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LQ-MD TBT50/5FD Fully Intelligent Book Ellipse Binding Machine

Efficient Production: Incorporates advanced technologies for swift completion of all processes within a minute.
Precise Control: Utilizes variable frequency controllers and PLC for accurate operation and monitoring.
Digital Display: Features numerical displays for easy monitoring of various functions.
Continuous Adjustment: Offers continuous fine-tuning functionality for consistent quality.
Book Protection: Utilizes vertical paper collection by robots to safeguard the backs of books.
Versatility: Suitable for both perfect binding and unbinding, serving various printing facilities including educational institutions.

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  • LQ-MD TBT50/5FD

  • UPG

This machine adopted a computer operation system, a mill chamber construction, side rubber wheel, indentation wheel, book-wrapping PLCtable, cover size adiuster auto computer setter. As a result it can finishall the processes in one is controlled by a frequency controller and PLC. it is assembled with photoelectric cells auto tester and touch screen displayer. There is digital display function in the glue breaking function back and forth, mill back, glue breaking glue pot and covering adiustment in gluing in the back. The press track wheel has micro adjustment functions constantly, the book output is using robots vertical colleting way and protects the book back foming in better way. This machine not only uses lock line gluing packaging, but also unwiring gluing packaging which is the deal equipment for the unwiring gluing packaging and wiring packaging in the printing factories of wide-range universities.LQ-MD TBT50_5FD Fully Intelligent Ellipse Binding Machine.

Binding speed200books/hr
Max. Binding size450x308mm
Min. Binding size150x105mm
Binding thickness2-50mm

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