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LQBT50/4D PUR Ellipse Adhesive-binding Machine

PUR composed of substantial prepolymers of polyurethane with active groups at the end, is a new type of hot melt adhesive with properties of both toughness and softness.
  • LQBT50/4D
  • UPG
PUR composed of substantial prepolymers of polyurethane with active groups at the end, is a new type of hot melt adhesive with properties of both toughness and softness. While enc-ountering moisture in the air, it will cause irreversible cross linking reaction, forming a particularly firm adhesive coating with paper sheets. It does not react with printing inks and printing solvents, moreover, it has good aging resistance. Due to its superior suitability for binding, it has many absol-ute advantages when compared with commonly used hot melt adhesives (EVA hot melt adhesive, PVA emulsion), and it is a kind of thermoplastic adhesive material with extremely great intensity, good stretching degree, high cold resistance (-400C) , high heat resistance (1200C) and ivory color (milk white) after drying. After being bound to form a book, the external appearance is still flat and easy to thumb when the book is open, thus the book looks noble and elegant.
Platen Type Hot Gluing Machine with PUR Hot Melt Adhesive Binding Host adopts Samsung 32-bit ARM7 series of singlec-hip to control temperature and frequency conversion motor, with complete protection functions, precise and stable control, light-touch keystroke input, and 5.7-inch color LCD with Chinese graphic display and friendly operation interface.
1. Precision metering pump for measuring glue, with indepe-ndent pressure control system and standard 2-way hose output.
2. Multi-settings for temperature/motor rotating speed curve.
3. Temperature upper/lower limit alarming, temperature sensor-damage alarming, and heater-damage alarming.
4. Functions such as locked-rotor protection for motor/pump, glue-level detection alarming and intelligent fault locating.
Note: Glue package specifications: 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon for choice.
1. Flattened reading of books effectively controls costs with less gluing amount on spine, realizing high-quality binding with the win-win of spreadability and costs.
2. Due to its strong environmental adaptability with high heat resistance and high cold resistance, quality problems will not occur under 800C or -400C. Its excellent property of high-heat and high-cold adaptab ility outclasses other types of hot melt adhesives, freeing printing enterprises from worries about book processing.
3. Regular and neat spines have wide material adaptability, with strong adhesion to coating paper of high grammage (150250g/m2), short-fiber recycled paper, inverse thread paper and so on, without quality problem of page falling due to glue failure, and the external appearance is flat and neat after being bound to form a book..
4. The cut of bookblock is smooth and the PUR adhesive layer without ladder shape is flexible. In the case of cutting, the cut is smooth and regular, without ladder shape, broken opening, nor hollow space, and the cut edge of book cover is smooth without burrs.
5. The shaping of adhesive layer is firm, and the PUR hot melt adhesive with extraordinarily strong solvent resistance is the only kind of binding material being both solvent resistant and grease resistant. Soak the dry and solid PUR adhesive layer in solvent and grease, the adhesive layer will not be affected at all in contact with ketone, ethyl ketone, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and so on.
6. It is cost-saving for hardcover. With good rounding capab-ility and indeformable arc, a more beautiful round spined book back can be got after the bookblock is glued with PUR and undertakes re-rounding and backing. PUR adhesive layer and bookblock are dried in round-shaped state, and therefore the durability of round book back is maximized.
7. With the property of circle covering, books bound with PUR adhesive are easier to recycle than those books bound with EVA hot melt adhesive, thus protecting the ecological env-ironment to the utmost extent and being a environment-friendly production method.
Binding size Max450*320mm
Binding thickness 2-50mm
Binding speed Max2000Books/Hous
Power required 13KW
Weight 2100KG
Dimensions 3100*1300*1250mm

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