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LQRG-270BE Intelligent Book Binder


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  • LQRG-270BE

  • UPG

Intelligent control, large 10 - inch color touch screen

Color touch screen, intuitive and convenient, self-inspection, alarm and other functions to let you know the machine, a number of functions are auto-sensing on and off, intelligent and convenient

 Automatic book thickness reading

After the book block is automatically measured, the thickness data will be automatically transmitted to the book clamp, milling cutter, side glue part, cover creasing part, pressing part.

 Automatic side thickness sensing

Automatic induction book block thickness, improve work efficiency

 Full digital control technology

More accurate control of the excess glue on both ends of the book

Automatic creasing

Digital creasing function, front and back synchronous creasing

 Error alarm function

When the operation is wrong, the display will automatically remind the user of the error and guide the operation

Binding mode

Binding with milling, binding without milling, and pad binding
Book clamp number1
Book block sizeMax320x320mm; Min135x105mm
Thickness of the book2-50mm
Cover size(A)Max320x660mm; Min135x230mm
Cover paper heightMax70mm
The host speedMax500time/h
Voltage/ frequency3phase 380V 50hz;  3phase 220V 60hz
Total power9kw
Machine dimension2450(W)x910(D)x1545(H)mm
Machine weight900kg

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