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Inkjet rotary digital printing machine

black and white double-sided inkjet rotary digital printing machine
  • LQ-DT 440/660
  • UPG & LQ

LQ-DT 440/660 black and white double-sided inkjet rotary digital printing machine

                         (book digital printing solution)

Brief introduction

LQ-DT440/660 is a digital rotary inkjet printing machine system newly developed by transvision intelligent technology. The format is more suitable for short version business, with smaller floor area, faster speed and high return on investment. The DT440 printing speed can reach 1010 A4 page / min and the DT 660 printing speed can reach 1516 A4 page/minbesides the large/ small format is more flexible, which can meet the printing needs of customers for quick change of specifications and paper, and help the rapid development of enterprises.

1.     LQ-DT440/660 Black and white double-sided rotary inkjet digital printing system

   Printing color : black and white

   Printing speed: 75m/min

   Max paper width: 440mm/660mm

2.     LQ-C440/650 Line cutting stack line

    Max speed:120m/min

Weight of paper:40gsm-200gsm

Paper width:140mm-440mm

LQ-DT440/660 Black and white double-sided   injket rotary digitalprinter


LQ-DT440/660 inkjet control software and hardware system, motion control   system, drying system, synchronous system

and other accessories


Industrial grade on-demand   piezoelectric nozzle is adopted,

the highest resolution   is 600x1200dpi

Ink type

Water based pigment ink

Printing method

Black and white double sided(upgrade   to two color)

Printing speed

4401010 A4/min  650 1515A4/min

Max paper width


Paper range

40g to 200g

Paper type

Domestic ordinary offset paper,   domestic digital offset

paper, inkjet coated   paper


Inkjet work flow inkjet special   edition, support a variety of

international standard   file formats

LQ-U120 Paper supply section

Paper   feeding and winding mechanism

Automatic   roll up

Max winding diameter


Max winding width


LQ-B120 Paper buffer unit

Paper buffer unit

1 unit

LQ-C440/660 Cutting line

LQ-C440 connecting line cutting stack line

By connecting the LQ-B120 paper   buffer unit with the inkjet machine, the black and white text is   automatically cut into single sheets in order, and the output isautomatically

stacked and misplaced

Max   speed


Gram   weight of paper


Paper   width

140mm-440mm     140mm-650mm

Max   paper width


Max   paper delivery length

450mmcustomized delivery length,such as 880mm)

Support   the cutting of various sizes

and   specifications

For   example: large 16 open vertical

arrangement   cut two stack

Stacking   and dividing system of cutting

book   lock

Includingbuffer, cutter, stacker, conveyor, etc